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If there is no Polynesian-style tattoo artist close to your place, you can have a custom tattoo design done by a professional artist and sent to you by email. Then any good tattooist will be able to ink it on you. The design will be done according with your own life and symbols. Prices vary according to the size of the design. Please fill in the form in the members area, without obligation. We will get back to you with a quotation within two working days.

Our service includes the following files: the design, the simulation (showing what the tattoo will look like on your body), the meaning of your life symbols, and the outlines of your design that your tattooist will use to make the stencils.

Here are samples of the files you'll receive:


Designs are created by world class tattoo artists. Amongst the most well known who have done designs for us: Dmitry Babakhin (Russia), Jeroen Franken (Netherlands), Shane Gallagher Coley (Australia), Matth Sospha (France), Marco Wallace (Italy), Tikiroa (Thailand), Richard Francis (New Zealand), Taniera (Moorea), Brice (France).

Here are some works, sorted by style. These are "simulations", not actual tattoos: 


Access to our custom tattoo design service is reserved to members only.

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