Samoan Proverbs eBook


Samoan Proverbs eBook - 560 Proverbial Expressions of the Samoans, translated in English and explained, by Dr E. Schultz. 120 A4 pages in pdf format (downloadable).
These proverbs can be usefull to interprete the symbolism of certains animals, plants, objects, situations, persons, etc. in the traditional Samoan culture.
The Proverbs are sorted in 8 chapters: Fishing, Hunting, Manual Work inside and out of the House, Food abd its Preparation, Games, Dances and Feasts, Land and Sea Travels, Miscellaneous, and Supplement.

Here are the screen captures of 3 sample pages which are the first page of the first 3 chapters (click to enlarge the pictures):

Price of the Samoan Proverbs eBook: 5.00 EUR or 6.30 USD. Free download for Premium Members.

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