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  • MOTIFS & SYMBOLS : The best Polynesian contemporary tattoos sorted by categories: animals, person, plants, things... with references to cultural writtings about symbolism and the way these motifs can be used and interpreted today.  
  • BODY AREAS : Awesome Polynesian tattoos by world class artists sorted by body areas, for men and for women: shoulder, shoulder blade, 1/2 sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, ful sleeve, inner biceps, forearm, arm band, wrist, hand, chest, collar, buttocks, hips, thigh, pants, calf, lower leg, ankle, foot, full leg, upper back, lower back, trunk, ribs, 1/2 body suit, full body suit, neck, skull, face, ear…
  • THE MEANING OF YOUR TATAU : If you have a Polynesian tattoo and you are not sure what it means (for example because you don’t remember the explanations that your tattooist gave you about the patterns and their meanings, or maybe because he didn’t give you any), send us a picture of your tattoo and we will tell you the general meaning of the patterns and how they may represent aspect of your own life. Please use the form in the Members Area; select « Tell me the Meaning of my Tattoo ».
  • COVER-UPS : How Tatau Masters do cover-up an old tattoo you don't like anymore.
  • CUSTOM DESIGN : Your custom Polynesian tattoo created by the world class artists. 
  • SAMOAN PROVERBS : Samoan Proverbs ebook - 560 Proverbial Expressions of the Samoans, translated in English and explained, by Dr E. Schultz. 120 A4 pages in pdf format (downloadable). Price: 5.00 EUR or 6.30 USD. Free download for Premium Members.
  • POLYNESIAN STYLE ALPHABETS : Three Polynesian Style Alphabets are now available for downloading. Koru and weaving patterns, Kaake patterns, and Niho patterns. Letters height: 2 inches (5 cm); hight resolution (300 dpi), pdf format.
  • SEE THE RANKING OF YOUR FAVORITE ARTIST : See the ranking of the 248 participating artists. The ranking is calculated on the combined total points at the Tatau of the Month competitions, both for Artists’ and Public’s Choice, since July 2012.
  • TATAU ARTISTS DIRECTORY : Directory of more than 350 Tatau Artists participating in the Tatau Awards to help you contact them directly. You'll be able to search artists by name and/or by location.
  • BOOKING REQUEST : If you have difficulties to contact an artist for an appointment, we will try our best to contact the artist of your choice on your behalf for a booking request. Some artists have a long waiting list, so plan ahead!
  • ASSISTANCE FOR YOUR TATTOO PROJECT: We will be glad to assist you for your tattoo project, answer any question about you have and also to help you locate the best artists in your region.
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