Manu, « Manu Tattoo », Vilseck, Germany


What are the tattoo styles you like the most?
Polynesian / Maori

How did your interest in Polynesian style come about? 
When I first saw the polynesien style, it felt so familiar, as if I had been doing it in another life before my time.

Did you visit any Polynesian island?
Only in my dreams.

Is Polynesian style very popular amongst your clients?
My shop is close to a US military base, and I have a lot of customers from the Polynesian islands. 

What do they usually request?
Symbols for protection, warrior, hunter, connection to ancestors. 

Usually what the main motivation from your clients to get a Polynesian tattoo?
It is a part of their home and they want everybody to know, how proud they are, to be from their islands.

Who are the artists you most admire?
Some of my favorite ones are Teiki Huukena, Roland Pacheco, Julien Gutte , Akiu Sale. 

What are your other passions and hobbies?
Horses, nature, poetry, weight lifting.


Maua Faleauto, Auckland, New Zealand:

"On 15 November 2017 I, Faleauto Simi Maua Taua of Sa Fuataga and Sa Salamasina, adopted Feagai Manu Kelley in the traditional way as my sister. I blessed her work and her tools and asked Atua to safeguard her. I bless each and every one of her traditional tools and every tool she picks up. I bless her modern tattooing tools and each one she has or will have. She is a Tufuga of our traditional tatau. She is an extremely accomplished craftswoman and I am proud to now be a part of her family. I am honoured to know her husband Christopher Kelley who is an accomplished craftsman in his own right."

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