Duncan Sandt, « Inkstitution Tattooing », Rotterdam, Netherlands


What are the tattoo styles you like the most ?

I like the tribal style tattoos the most, such as samoan, Marquesian, maori, Haida, Dajak but also Japanese tattoos, western traditional.

How did your interest in Polynesian style come about ? 

I was always interested in Tribes and tribal style tattooing. During my apprenticeship as a tattooer my teacher told me to try and understand every tattoo style. During this period I felt most attracted and comfortable with pacific style.

Did you visit any Polynesian island ?

I only went to Hawaii but next year i will visit New Zealand and Samoa.

Is Polynesian style very popular amongst your clients ? 

Yes, I think so, 80% of the work I do is Polynesian inspired.

What do they usually request ?

Usually they want a Maori sleeve and then they show me a picture of a Pe'a  or a picture of 'the Rock’.
So most of the time I end up doing a polynesian inspired sleeve with samoan or marquesian elements.

Usually what the main motivation from your clients to get a Polynesian tattoo ? 

Most of them really like the style and designs of polynesian tattoos.

Who are the artists you most admire ?

Jeroen Franken, Chris Higgins, Jacqueline Spoerlé, Calen Paris, Gordon Toi, Rob Deut, Marco Wallace...

What are your other passions and hobbies ?

Drawing, My 52 chevy pick up, motor circles.

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